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Juliet Mitchell

Juliet Mitchell was born in New Zealand in 1940, but has lived in England since 1944. She was a lecturer in English Literature at the universities of Leeds and Reading in England, and she has been a visiting professor for a large number of universities abroad. Juliet Mitchell has written numerous essays of literary criticism, on the political theory of women's oppression, and on psychoanalysis and is one of Britain's foremost feminist thinkers. Her published work includes Woman's EstatePsychoanalysis and FeminismThe Rights and Wrongs of Women (co-edited with Ann Oakley) all published in Penguin, Women: The Longest Revolution and  with Jaqueline Rose, Feminine Sexuality: Jacques Lacan and the Ecole Freudienne. Juliet Mitchell is now a psychoanalyst practising in London, where she lives with her daughter.

Books in order of publication:

Women, the Longest Revolution (1966).

Women’s Estate (1971).

Psychoanalysis and Feminism: Freud, Reich, Laing, and Women (1974).

Mad Men and Medusas: Reclaiming Hysteria (2000).

Siblings: Sex and Violence (2003).

Juliet Mitchell Titles