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Clare Jackson

Dr Clare Jackson is a History Lecturer at Cambridge University, specializing in the rich and complex history of seventeenth-century Britain. She is particularly interested in studying the ways in which the origins of today's United Kingdom during the century of Stuart rule, and the challenges that successive Stuart monarchs faced in ruling the three independent kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland. Clare is also Senior Tutor of Trinity Hall, one of Cambridge's oldest Colleges.

Clare has the proverbial 'foot in both camps', with a Scottish mother and an English father, and she went to school in both Edinburgh and London. On television, she has presented 'The Stuarts' series and its sequel, 'The Stuarts in Exile' for BBC2 and is also a regular contributor to R4's discussion programme In Our Time. She is the author of Charles II: The Star King (2016) in the 'Penguin Monarchs' series, another book, Restoration Scotland 1660-1690, and many other noted history articles and essays.

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