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Fríða Ísberg

Fríða Ísberg (1992) is an Icelandic author based in Reykjavík and has published the short story collection KLÁÐI (Itch) and the poetry collections SLITFÖRIN (Stretch Marks) and LEÐURJAKKAVEÐUR (Leather Jacket Weather). Her work has been nominated for The Nordic Council Literature Prize, The Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize for Fiction, won The Icelandic Booksellers Choice Award, and she is the 2021 recipient for The Optimist Award, handed by the President of Iceland to one national artist.

Fríða is a member of Icelandic poetry collective Svikaskáld and she occasionally writes reviews for The Times Literary Supplement. Her work has been or is to be translated into 15 languages.

Fríða Ísberg Titles