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Chico Buarque

Represented in association with Companhia Das Letras

Francisco Buarque de Hollanda was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1944. Singer and composer, he has written the plays Roda viva (1968), Calabar (1973), Gota d'água (1975) and Ópera do malandro (1979); and the novelette Fazenda Modelo (1974). His novels include Turbulence and Benjamin as well as Budapeste and Leite Derramado. All are published by Companhia das Letras in Brazil and Budapeste was published in twenty four countries. Spilt Milk (Leite Derramado) is published by Atlantic Books in the UK; Grove Atlantic in the US; Gallimard in France; Fischer in Germany; Meulenhoff in Holland; Feltrinelli in Italy; Dom Quixote in Portugal and Salamandra in Spain.

Chico Buarque Titles