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Hartigan Browne

CLUEDLE by Hartigan Browne is the huge no.1 bestselling puzzle book for children.

Hartigan Browne, the man who could arguably be named as Britain’s greatest detective, has to date solved 36 cases of poisoning, 117 robberies, eight murders, sixteen accidental deaths, twenty cases of fraud and one case of handling a salmon suspiciously. And he has done all this with the geniality of an English gent who is looking forward to a cup of Earl Grey tea at the end of the day.

A great believer that everyone is in possession of a brilliant mind, he is keen to mentor those who have the perseverance, resilience and curiosity that is required to join the Hartigan Browne Detective Agency.  And it is to this end that he has written a series of whodunnit books.

Hartigan Browne Titles