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Rosie Andrews

Rosie Andrew's THE LEVIATHAN was sold at auction to Bloomsbury and was published in 2022. Her second novel THE PUZZLE WOOD is published in 2024.

Rosie Andrews was born and grew up in Liverpool, as the third of twelve children. She studied History at Cambridge before becoming an English teacher. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and daughter.

Praise for The Leviathan

‘She is awake.’…. In 1703, in an isolated farmhouse far from the sea, old soldier Thomas Treadwater protects a secret: a nameless woman, locked in an endless sleep. But as the storm of the century rises, his captive wakes, and he must make an impossible choice... But who is she? And why has he imprisoned her? The answers lie in a Norfolk hamlet in the war-torn winter of 1643. Thomas returns from battle to discover his sister Esther harbouring a tale of witches and seduction in the servants' hall. Craving only peace, he doubts her story, but when death strikes close to home, with his family’s reputation compromised, he delves further into the mystery, only to find himself facing an unimaginable enemy, and the end of the world he has known.

'Darkly compelling and dripping with atmosphere, The Leviathan is a bewitching tale of good, evil and all the shades in-between' Stacey Halls, Sunday Times bestselling author of THE FAMILIARS

‘A sinister, twisting tale, thoroughly gripping and utterly absorbing’ Jennifer Saint, Sunday Times bestselling author of ARIADNE

'The Leviathan is a sumptuous treat that positively thrums with tension; Great to read at any time, but especially when the night is dark with howling wind and lashing rain.’ Lianne Dillsworth, author of THEATRE OF MARVELS

‘An original and compelling page-turner, beautifully told’ Annie Kirby, author of THE HOLLOW SEA

“Infused with creepy gothic dread and gorgeously written. Fantastic.” Amy McCulloch, author of BREATHLESS

“It’s hard to believe that such an accomplished novel could be a debut - THE LEVIATHAN is a gloriously dark story that sweeps you along to its harrowing yet satisfying conclusion. Superb.” Susan Stokes-Chapman, author of PANDORA

'Fans of historical fiction should look out for Rosie Andrews’ The Leviathan' Daily Express

'A heady mix of historical fiction, myth and spooky realism.' Red Magazine

'A beautifully moving slow-burning Gothic mystery' Heat Magazine

'Gloriously dark and brimful with Gothic dread this is an eerie age-old tale of evil' Daily Mail

'(an) enormously enjoyable debut' The Observer 

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