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RCW and Knights Of open children’s publishing workshop for aspiring authors of colour

Spearheaded by Claire Wilson, Director at RCW, and Eishar Brar, Editorial Director at Knights Of, the free workshops will offer transparency and clarity into the publishing process from beginning to end. They will be joined by authors, including Tanya Byrne, Aisha Bushby and Elle McNicoll, editors, and agents from across children’s publishing for panels covering a range of topics: including the submissions process, the role of marketing and publicity, and building an author profile.


A summary of the workshops and a series of resources will be made available online after the event.


After five virtual workshops across two weekends in August 2020, the authors will receive one-to-one feedback sessions with an editor or agent to discuss their manuscripts. In a no-strings attached process, they will have unfettered access to industry professionals, without having to commit to one publisher or agent.

We are particularly keen to hear from Black writers, and will be prioritising their applications. The very specific lack of Black children’s authors in the UK needs addressing and we hope that by providing transparent information, and making it available online after the event, we can create a viable path into children’s publishing.

Applications for the workshop are now closed

Free Workshop Resources >

Workshop Handbook


Week One (two 60 minute sessions with a break between); Saturday 8th August:

Session One: ‘Intro to Children’s Fiction’ presented by a panel of editors/marketing and PR professionals including Eishar Brar, with a Q&A

Session Two: ‘Finding an Agent’ with agents Claire Wilson, Georgia Garrett and Sam Copeland, with Q&A


Week Two (three 40 minute sessions with breaks between); Sunday 16th August:

Session Three: ‘Publishing A Debut’ author panel + Q&A

Session Four: ‘A Writing Career’ author panel + Q&A

Session Five: ‘Events & Building an Author Profile' with authors and marketing and PR professionals + Q&A 


Week Three (personal feedback sessions):

Session Six: Feedback - 20 minute one-to-one sessions with agents/editors for each participant to discuss their work