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Rebecca Ashdown

Rebecca Ashdown is a UK based artist and author. After studying Illustration in London, she worked as a media director, motion artist and freelance illustrator before taking the exciting leap into children’s books.

Rebecca's newest book Thunderboots (OUP), written by Naomi Jones, is an empowering story about starting school with dyslexia and a celebration of everyone's differences. My Granny is a Queen (OUP), written by Madeleine Cook, has been shortlisted for the Derby Children's Picture Book Award and The Whopper (Templar), written and illustrated by Rebecca, is a delightful and quirky story about a boy who lies and as a result, his guilt follows him round in the form of the Whopper...

Rebecca's books sell internationally and have been shortlisted for several national awards, including the Kate Greenaway CILIP Medal, the Portsmouth Book Award and the Sheffield Book Award. A sense of energy and emotion is key to Rebecca’s work - happy accidents and a sprinkling of chaos play their part!

Instagram: @familyofbeasts

Twitter: @FamilyOfBeasts 

Website: rebeccaashdown

Artwork: Rebecca Ashdown

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