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Glenda Young

Glenda Young is an exciting talent writing gripping and heart-wrenching stories and is a top 50 paperback bestseller.

The Toffee Factory Girls (Headline, Feb 2024) is the first in a brand new trilogy from Glenda. Set in 1915 it follows the lives and loves of three women working in a WWI toffee factory in the North-East - a heart-warming novel about love, friendship, secrets, war . . . and toffee! It’s inspired by a real life (but long gone) toffee factory in the northeast of England. Horner's Toffee Factory of Chester-le-Street was world famous, producing the Dainty Dinah brand of toffee.  The story follows the adventures of three women – Anne, Elsie and Hetty -who start work for the first time in their lives. They join the factory when the men go off to fight in WW1 and the women become employed as sugar boilers or cutting and slicing toffee, which was heavy and often dangerous work that the men used to do. The women meet as strangers before forging a close bond of friendship and trust. And, as the war rages on, they help each other cope through the difficult times ahead. 

The People's Friend writes "Filled with characters to capture the hearts and imagines of readers, this is saga writing of the most perfect kind."

Foul Play at the Seaview Hotel (Headline, Nov 2023) is the third instalment in Glenda's popular cosy crime series set in Scarborough. A murderer plays a chilling game when a group of obsessive crazy golfers arrive in town to compete in a crazy golf tournament. Can hotel landlady Helen Dexter and her rescue greyhound Suki solve the crime?

Glenda lives in the North-East and has written short stories for Take a BreakMy Weekly and The People’s Friend. She was commissioned by The People's Friend to write their first weekly soap opera, Riverside. She is also a fan of Coronation Street, running two fan websites and publishing a number of books based on the show. She has talked about her writing widely in the media, including an interview on Woman's Hour.

Glenda Young is co-represented by Caroline Sheldon and Safae El-Ouahabi.

Twitter: @flaming_nora
Facebook: GlendaYoungAuthor
Instagram: @flaming_nora

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