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Clare Richards

Clare Richards is an editor, writer and literary translator working from Korean, with a particular interest in feminist literary fiction, as well as the intersection between disability, neurodivergence and translation. Her translation of Yeon Somin’s novel Healing Season of Pottery is upcoming with Viking (UK) and Algonquin (US) in Autumn 2024. She also translated Kang Hwagil’s gothic thriller Another Person, released with Pushkin Press (UK), and was co-translator of NY Times Bestseller BTS: Beyond the Story with Anton Hur and Slin Jung in 2023. Her translations and essays have been published in The Massachusetts Review, The Author, and The Linguist, amongst others. Clare is an elected member of the Society of Authors Translators Association Committee, and is this year’s UK National Centre for Writing Emerging Translator Mentorship mentor in Korean.

Twitter: @clarehannahmary


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