The Cutting Room


Set in contemporary Glasgow, The Cutting Room is narrated by Rilke, one of the most engaging, flawed and hedonistic fictional creation of recent years. When this dissolute and promiscuous auctioneer comes upon a hidden collection of violent, and highly disturbing, erotic photographs, he feels compelled to unearth more about the deceased owner who coveted them. What follows is a compulsive journey of discovery, decadence and deviousness.


Author: Welsh, Louise
Publisher: Canongate Books Ltd
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Croatian: Mirakul
Czech: Argo (Czech)
Danish: Borgens (Denmark)
Dutch: De Bezige Bij (Netherlands)
English: Canongate Books Ltd
Estonian: Pegasus OU
French: Editions Balland
French: Le Livre de Poche (France)
German: Buchergilde Gutenberg
German: Verlag Antje Kuntsmann GmbH
German: Wilhelm Goldmann
Greek: Alexandria Publications
Italian: Garzanti Editore (Italy)
Japanese: Hayakawa Publishing, Inc.
Latvian: AGB
Polish: Warszawsloc Wydawnictwo Muza
Portuguese: A. Girafa
Portuguese: Editorial Teorema, Lda
Russian: Eksmo Publishers (Russia)
Serbian: AGORA Serbia &
Slovak: IKAR Praha, a.s (see EUROMEDIA)
Spanish: Anagrama (Spain)
Swedish: Tivoli Publishers