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Women Of Camelot

While there are many versions of the famous adventures of King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table, the accounts invariably focus on the knights themselves. With an engaging text and original illustrations, this book brings the previously diregarded women of Camelot to life as they unveil their thoughts and feelings. Resolute and resouceful, these women share compelling personal stories about the events at King Arthur's court.Seven women are featured in the book, including Queen Guinevere, whose passion for Sir Lancelot eases the pain of her unhappy marriage to King Arthur; the tenacious Elaine of Corbenic, who tricks Lancelot into loving her and gives birth to their son Sir Galahad; Nimue, the mysterious and magical Lady of the Lake who robs Merlin of his magic; and Morgan le Fay, the king's half sister and sworn enemy. Inlcuding a genealogy, bibliography, and brief description of each character, Women of Camelot will appeal to young adults who are enchanted by Camelot, the Middle Ages, and history.

Territories: Allworld: Frances Lincoln Limited
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