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The Lineage (La Estirpe)

Due to a minor accident, a trivial blow to the head, Ana has lost part of her memory. Rebuilding her memory looks like a game a chance yet old revendications resurface, some of which are tinged with political struggle. Argentine history is reflected in family history, its symbols and taboos. The domestic conflict appears framed by another more crude: the fight for the language and one’s own territory. Duty, piety, creative will and victory show a dark reverse in this scenario. Carla Maliandi builds a story in which metamorphosis exists as a point of arrival.


‘Carla Maliandi’s writing is precise and beautiful at the same time. It moves like few others and leaves one speechless. This is what happens with books that are capable of piercing the minds and hearts of readers so deeply’. -- Selva Almada

Publisher: Penguin Random House
Territories: World English: Charco Press; Brazil: Moinhos.
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