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Starring Grace

The star of the popular picture book Amazing Grace (1991) is center stage again in this lively chapter book about Grace on her summer vacation. She has lots of friends this time, but they are only bit players. Grace is the leader as the kids play circus and visit a real circus, play "ghostbusters" and discover a mysterious neighbor, play doctor and cope with a real emergency. All the imaginative play leads to the climactic chapter, in which they get walk-ons in a real theatrical production. Of course, Grace steps into a big role. Boundless Grace (1995), about Grace's visit to her rich dad in Africa, was a disappointing story, but this one is back to the excitement of dressing up and being part of a show. There's also more this time about Ma and Nana, whose love and support help Grace to push beyond herself.
Territories: Allworld: Frances Lincoln Limited English: Puffin, Puffin Books USA
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