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O Tribunal da Quinta-Feira

Walter and José Victor have been exchanging messages for years. In these messages, the two middle-aged advertising executives have developed their own dialect, in which insults and aggression are part and parcel of a game between close friends. This is the type of message, it should be said, that could cause someone’s life to implode if it ever went public, but that between the two of them is nothing more than a bit of fun involving two people who know each other well. However, that is exactly what happens in O tribunal de quinta-feira, the latest novel from the acclaimed author of Diário da queda (Diary of the Fall). As he struggles with the discovery that his friend Walter is HIV positive, José Victor sees his life fall apart when his ex-wife, who has just found out that she is being cheated on, goes public with the two friends’ messages. A small masterpiece about relationships, friendship and the public and private judges that inhabit our lives.

Author: Michel Laub
Territories: Holland: Ambo/Anthos Norway: Gyldendal
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