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Daniel Isn't Talking

A powerful novel exploring the effects of autism on a young family from Marti Leimbach, author of the international bestseller 'Dying Young', who has experienced and dealt with the condition within her immediate family. My husband saw me at a party and decided he wanted to marry me. Melanie Marsh is an American living in London married to Stephen, the perfect Englishman, who knew the minute he saw her that she was to be his future. But when their youngest child is diagnosed with autism their marriage starts to unravel at great speed. Stephen runs back into the arms of his previous girlfriend while Melanie does everything in her power to help her son and keep her family together. And then one day Melanie hears about a man named Andy O'Connor, who calls himself a "play therapist" and has a client list so long she can barely get him on the phone. Some say he's a maverick and a con artist of the first degree, but when he walks into the house and starts playing with her child, Melanie knows she's found the key to her son's success, and possibly to her own happiness. 'Daniel Isn't Talking' is a passionate and darkly humorous novel that explores a mother's determination to help her child. A love story for grown ups, it somehow extends its wisdom far beyond the parameters of disability and into the substance of human nature itself. A tense, moving novel that will make you laugh out loud even as it breaks your heart.

Agent: Peter Straus
Territories: Dutch: Luitingh/Sijthoff, English: Doubleday USA, English: HarperCollins Publishers, English: McClelland & Stewart, German: Bertelsmann Club GmbH, Indonesian: PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama, Italian: Adriano Salani Editore srl, Korean: Hyundaemunhak Publishing Co., Russian: Phantom Press, Spanish: Editorial Almuzara, Swedish: Wahlstroem & Widstrand,
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