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Call Him Mine

Jaded reporter Andrew and his photographer boyfriend, Carlos, are sick of telling just another story: from cartel massacres to corrupt politicians, sifting the dregs of Mexico's drug war, they think they've seen it all.

But when they find a body even the police are too scared to look at, what started out as just another reportage becomes the sort of story all reporters dream of...

...until Carlos pushes for answers too fast, and winds up murdered, leaving Andrew grief-stricken and flailing for answers, justice, and revenge.

Caught in a web of dirty money that stretches from the boardrooms of the United States to the death squads of El Salvador, Andrew must decide whether to save himself - or find out who killed the man he loves, and destroyed the only home he's ever known.

Praise for Call Him Mine:

'An affecting piece of work that moves at a breathtaking pace' Irish Examiner

'Intense, inventive and gritty' Attitude Magazine 

‘Feverish, Lyrical and gripping from beginning to end, Irish writer MacGabhann’s crime novel is both a searing indictment of corruption and murder in Mexico and a darkly moving gay love story’ The i

'Compelling debut novel' The Times

'Feverish, lyrical and gripping from beginning to end' The Independent

"A tough and uncompromising debut - you'll be glad you read it." Lee Child

'A hilarious, gripping, poetic off the wall crime story set in a delirious Mexican underworld that William Burroughs, Sam Peckinpah & Hunter Thompson would have recognised' Adrian McKinty

'This gritty crime novel set in Mexico follows reporter Andrew as he investigates the murder of his own boyfriend. Brilliantly plotted, with a strong sense of the vibrant and violent setting, Call Him Mine is a must-read for those who were glued to Narcos and Sicario.' Dead Good Books

‘Imagine Narcos crossed with Fear and Loathing crossed with The Long Goodbye and you'll begin to have an idea of Tim Mac Gabhann's brilliant debut. A visceral trip through Mexico's many underworlds, and a heartfelt testament to lost friendship, Call Him Mine pulls you in, tramples on your heartstrings, and somehow leaves you feeling uplifted and alive.'  Paul Murray

Agent: Sam Copeland
Publisher: Weidenfeld & Nicholson
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