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Bravo Grace

There's no one quite like Grace! Millions of readers worldwide have fallen in love with the irrepressible girl who dreams of playing Peter Pan - and does; who worries about meeting her new stepmother — and finds that love unites even a divided family; who yearns for summer adventures for herself and her friends — and creates them; and who learns how to deal with a rival - by becoming friends. Like her readers, Grace and her friends are growing up and facing new problems. Grace's emotions do a juggling act when her old friend Aimee comes to visit. Then there's the problem of Chrishell and her strange eating habits. At school, Grace takes on the school bully once and for all, and then, just when she's getting ready for a new class play, she hears some amazing news: she's going to have a baby sister! Real-life problems and a familiar heroine help new readers make the jump into chapter books.

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