Christos Tsiolkas

Christos Tsiolkas is the author of the novels Loaded (1995), The Jesus Man (1999), Dead Europe (which won The Age Book of the Year – Novel in 2005) and The Slap (winner of the Commonwealth Prize for Literature 2009). In 1995 he published the dialogue Jump Cuts: An Autobiography, written with Sasha Soldatow. In 1999 he collaborated in writing the play Who’s Afraid of the Working Class? with Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelius, Melissa Reeves and Irine Vela. The play won the 1999 Australian Writers Guild award for Best Australian Play. His other works for theatre include Dead Caucasians, Non Parlo di Saló (a collaboration written with Spiro Economopoulos about the banning of Pasolini’s last film) and The Trauma Report. Christos is also a scriptwriter, filmmaker, essayist and film critic. In 2002 the Australian Screen Classics series published his monograph on Fred Schepisi’s The Devil’s Playground. He is involved in a long-term project with photographer Zoe Ali on work combining image and text to explore states of asylum and faith.

Loaded was adapted for the screen (filmed as Head On) by Ana Kokkinos in 1999 and The Slap was adapted as a mini-series for Australian television.

Christos has worked in a variety of jobs in order to support his writing, ranging from screen curator for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image to working as a part-time veterinary assistant for the last five years. He believes that writing is an apprenticeship for life.

He is an Australian of Greek heritage and the themes of migration, race, family and exile inform all his work. He lives in Melbourne with his partner Wayne van der Stelt and is a supporter of the Richmond Football Club.


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