Rob Ryan

Robert Ryan is an English journalist, author, screenwriter and travel writer. Born in Liverpool, Ryan moved to London to study natural sciences before publishing his first novel, Underdogs, in 1999. He has since authored eighteen more novels and had his writing published in a variety of newspapers, magazines and other publications, including GQ, the Sunday Times, The Face and Arena. 

Many of his novels are set in or around the first and second World Wars. In 2002, he published the first of his Morning, Noon and Night series, Early One Morning. This was followed by The Blue Moon (2003) , Night Crossing (2004) and After Midnight (2005).

He continues to contribute to the Sunday Times and is working on further jazz projects with his old collaborator Guy Barker. He lives in North London with his wife, three children, a dog and a deaf cat.

Agent Name: Sam Copeland

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