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Christina Hardyment

Christina Hardyment was born in 1946, and lived in England as a child, except for two years in South Africa (1951-1953). She attended the Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton (1954 -1964), then Newnham College, Cambridge (1964-7) where she spent too much time in the cinema and writing film reviews and not enough in lecture rooms. After leaving university Christina discovered that her father was the Norwegian resistance fighter and writer Eiliv Odd Hauge, and has since made many trips to Norway. After a few years as a film editor, she married Tom Griffith in 1969, taught for two years (Blackheath High School) and had four daughters.

Writing began with an article about Christina's collection of historical sewing machines, which grew into a book on domestic technology, Mangle to Microwave. The children inspired books, articles and broadcasts on family life. Scandinavian wanderlust is reflected in the numerous articles and books Christina has written on where writers lived and worked and set their stories.

After three literary anthologies for the British Library (Pleasures of the Garden, Pleasures of the Table and Pleasures of Nature, she published a history of Thames-connected literature Writing the Thames (Bodleian Publishing, 2016) and most recently Novel Houses: Twenty Legendary Literary Dwellings (Bodleian Publishing, 2019). Christina lives in a rambling house in Oxford with a huge garden, where she has created a ruined hermitage, camps and a treehouse for her ten grandchildren. Time off is spent sailing on the river, in a British Moth dinghy, and exploring the river in her camping punt, Duclibella. 


Agent: Cara Jones
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