Josie George

Josie George is a writer who lives in Stafford in the West Midlands with her 10 year old son. Her days are thoughtful, gentle and solitary, in a large part because of the debilitating disability she’s had since childhood that restricts her activity almost entirely, but also because she believes a slow life is a rich place to write from.

Josie has attracted a growing number of dedicated followers through her simple, honest essays and Twitter posts about life in all joyful complexity, which she shares alongside her beautiful photography. She also developed a series of privately-printed and hand-posted letters on eclectic topics which proved hugely popular to hundreds of people around the world.

Josie has long been an avid reader, with writers Ursula Le Guin, Tove Jansson, Italo Calvino, and Margaret Atwood acting as particular influences.

Josie is currently writing her first nonfiction book which will be published by Bloomsbury in 2020, and has plans for fiction to follow.

Agent Name: Jenny Hewson