Jo Fuertes

Jo Fuertes is a journalist born and based in London. She started her career in magazine journalism before landing a column named ‘Girl Eats Food’ at VICE, which was swiftly made into a Lovie-nominated video series.

In 2012 she joined VICE full time as an editor, before moving into presenting and producing video across the company covering everything from Atlanta’s explosive strip club scene to the burgeoning world of virtual reality porn. Behind the camera she’s tackled equally bold subject matter investigating Southeast Asian drug cartels, the Metropolitan police’s treatment of grime music and the impact of the tampon tax on working class women. In 2016, Jo travelled to the Philippines to report on the deeply religious country’s underground abortion trade, during the Catholic church’s controversial ‘Year of Mercy’.

Jo has been profiled by Grazia, Esquire and ASOS, and appeared on Radio 1 and NPR as a talking head. Now freelance, she continues to write and produce documentaries for BBC and The Guardian, and is currently working on the proposal for her first book.


Agent Name: Emma Paterson