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Clair Wills

Clair Wills writes on the social and cultural history of Britain and Ireland, including books on Northern Irish Writing, Ireland during the Second World War, and the Easter Rising.  Her mother left a small farm in the west of Ireland in 1948, in order to train as a nurse in the newly formed NHS.  Her most recent book, Lovers and Strangers: An Immigrant History of Post-War Britain, tells the stories of the migrants and refugees who came to Britain in the 50s and 60s not only from Ireland but from the Caribbean, South Asia and refugee camps on the Continent.

She is currently Milberg Professor in the English Department at Princeton University, where she teaches contemporary fiction and poetry as well as Irish literature.  She is Chair of the Princeton Fund for Irish Studies.   She is a keen dancer and currently writing a book on what it means to put yourself in the hands of another person and dance.

Clair Wills Titles