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Adam Biles

Adam Biles is an English writer and translator based in Paris. He is the events director at Shakespeare and Company and his writing has appeared in Gorse, Vestoj, 3:AM Magazine, Momma Tried and at the Palais de Tokyo. His work has been compared to writers as diverse as Thomas Pynchon, Kingsley Amis and Alan Hollinghurst. Feeding Time, his first novel, was published by Galley Beggar Press and was chosen by The Guardian as a Fiction Pick for 2016 and was a book of the year for The Observer, The Irish Times, The Millions and 3:AM Magazine. It was published by Editions Grasset in 2018.

Praise for Feeding Time:

“A dazzling and darkly comic debut…Adam Biles is a mega-watt talent.” The Guardian

“A crazy, caustic and irreverent novel, in the great English tradition . . . it feels like reading
Dickens on acid.” Leïla Slimani, Le Monde

“This book is a hymn to a rebellious old age, a highly pleasurable portrayal of a gang of oldies joyfully losing their marbles. Feeding Time could be the manifesto for the last generation of mortals, that’s to say, of humans.” Frédéric Beigbeder, Figaro Magazine

“A funny and ambitious début about everything inedible within us.” Marie Darrieussecq

“Strange, dark, hilarious, this book is a courageous reflexion on old age, an enormous guffaw by the author at the absurdity of life.” Le Figaro

“A deadpan novel in the tone of the best satirical British authors like Tom Sharpe and Evelyn Waugh . . . When Adam Biles writes about old age, his hand doesn’t tremble.” Elle

“A homage to old age, it is an off-the-wall treat, inappropriate and overflowing with energy, a ferocious comedy reacting to the absurd scandal of life.” Les Inrockuptibles

“A scintillating novel of ideas about an ageing world.” The Observer

“Intensely refreshing.” The Spectator

“Riotous.” The Irish Times

“A dark but joyful huit clos .” Lire

“Adam Biles has written a poignant novel about old age, but above all a resistance manifesto for our elders . . . You’ve been warned: Don’t fuck with Grandma!” Technikart

“A dazzling work on the dismal decay, and humour, of old age.” The Millions

“With Feeding Time, Adam Biles has turned into a force to be reckoned with.” Andrew Gallix, 3:AM Magazine

“Wonderfully lively, beautifully offbeat…*****” The Sunday Express

“An ambitious book.” Literary Review

“Exceptional… By turns endearing and repulsive, this book will get under your skin.” Book Muse

“Thrilling and thoughtful… This might be a novel about ageing, but it’s also a novel of
resistance.” Necessary Fiction



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