R J Bailey

R.J. Bailey’s novel, Safe From Harm, the first in an on-going series, was published by Simon and Schuster in 2017.

There is a man coming to hurt us. Probably more than one man. Two or three, perhaps. Not four. They won’t need four to deal with us. After all, we are trapped. There is no way out from this cold, concrete shell. We are crouched in the dark, dozens of feet below ground. The power to this level has been cut. There is no phone signal. Which is mostly irrelevant because I don’t have a phone. But I do have two broken fingers on my left hand and a knife wound to my ribs and the pain is making me sweat.”

Two years after the death of her husband, an unnamed female Personal Protection Officer must return to work to provide for her daughter Jess. But there are complications. Her first husband is back, asking for part-custody. And the business has changed, even in two years. Can she still cut it? The Russians about to employ her would like to know and they arrange a test for her. A physical test. Which she passes with flying colours, leaving a man crippled and humiliated. She’ll pay for that down the line. She’ll also be sorry that she took the next job, with the Sharifs, secular Pakistani textile tycoons. For she will end up faced with a terrible dilemma – with men coming to harm her and her young charge, who should she save? Her own daughter, or the little girl she is paid to keep safe from harm for a client?

Set in the world of London’s ultra-rich (oligarchs, industrialists, designers, bankers, pop stars, sportsmen, Internet billionaires and even the odd aristocrat) where fabulous wealth corrodes morality and distorts everyday reality, and that of the people assigned to protect them from kidnap, extortion and assassination, Safe From Harm is a fast-paced, twisty thriller published by Simon and Schuster in 2017.

The second in the series, Nobody Gets Hurt, was published in 2018, and the third, Winner Kills All, is due from Simon and Schuster in 2019.

Agent Name: Sam Copeland

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