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Eleanor Bailey

Eleanor Bailey started writing fiction at the age of seven, and bound and designed the covers of her novels herself. She became a freelance journalist in 1993, writing features for publications such as The Guardian, The Evening Standard Magazine, The Sunday Times and Vogue. Eleanor still writes regularly for She, The Express, and The Telegraph. She has been interviewed about her journalism on Radio 4 and 5. She has written two novels, Marlene Dietrich Lived Here (1998) and Idioglossia (2000). She was chosen as one of twenty-one female writers to benefit from the Orange Prize initiative, called Orange Futures, which promotes women authors who are felt to show great promise and to highlight the vibrancy of women’s writing today.

Eleanor Bailey lives in Oxfordshire with her family.

Books in order of publication:

Marlene Dietrich Lived Here (1998)

Idioglossia (2000)

Eleanor Bailey Titles