As You Were

After a devastating diagnosis on Day of the Magpie, young property developer Sinéad Hynes, is desperate to die unnoticed. Only the shiny bird knows her secret.

As she buries herself in Google and boiled sweets, her abusive past taunts her, and she lands on a High Dependency Unit with a motley crew of strangers. Octogenarian Jane Lohan aka Michael Jackson is marked Urgent, she needs to find a putrefying beef burger and a decent bra. Traveller matriarch Margaret McDonagh, armed with a rose gold Nokia, is desperate to find her philandering husband, Paddy. Shane-No-One-Caught-a-Surname, the handsome young victim of a massive pile up on the M50, needs to be noticed. Local politician Hegs is in a hurry to get a private room, but can his overbearing daughter Claire stop the past unravelling?
These tales of Modern Ireland clash with its dark institutional past, and culturally challenges its deep religious entanglement.
Why in crisis can we accept the kindness of strangers more than the love of family? Wildly funny and desperately tragic, these brilliant observations trace the human condition from birth, growth, aspiration, conflict and mortality.

Author: Elaine Feeney
Publisher: Harvill Secker / Vintage
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